General Visitor Information

Local Information

Sherborne is, without doubt, one of the most beautiful towns in England. With its abundance of medieval buildings, superb Abbey, world famous Schools, Almshouses and Castles, Sherborne has much to offer visitors. Sherborne is also a busy specialist shopping centre with a choice of handcrafted goods, elegant fashions and a street market on Thursdays and Saturdays. It has become an important town in the region for antiques and, with Sherborne House arts centre, the Arts.

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Dogs are welcome in the Gardens and Grounds provided they are kept on a short lead at all times. Please clear up any mess and place in a litter bin. Dogs (except for guide or assistance dogs) are not permitted inside the Castle, Shop or Tearoom.


Seats for visitors use are provided at various points throughout the gardens. Visitors who wish to sit down in the Castle should feel free to use the blue chairs or window seats provided – please ask a Steward for advice on an appropriate seat.


Visitors are welcome to picnic in all areas of the gardens and grounds. Picnic tables are provided where indicated on the gardens map between the walled garden and the lake near the Tea Room and in the ‘Donkey Paddock’. Please avoid any function or private event taking place at the time. Bar-b-ques or any other naked flames are not permitted anywhere in the gardens and grounds.


Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times whilst in the Castle, Gardens and Grounds.

We offer FREE admission to the gardens and grounds and the castle for all children under age 16. The only stipulation we make is that a maximum of FOUR children only must accompany one adult paying the full admission price for the castle and gardens.

A Children’s pack is available for purchase at £1, containing a pencil, Castle Quiz and Children’s Nature Trail.


Regretably, we do not admit baby back pack carriers to the Castle, due to the dangers of low doorways, steps and arches plus the high risk of damage to Castle contents; front sling carriers are admitted. Pushchairs are admitted at the discretion of the Castle staff.


We welcome amateur photography within the gardens and grounds. We regret, however, that photography in the Castle is not permitted, this includes video cameras and mobile phone cameras. No commercial use of photographs is permitted in any part of the estate without written permission.


There are two sets of toilets: one at the foot of the Castle in the Castle Yard, the other just outside the Castle Yard which has wider cubicles for wheelchair use and baby changing facilities.

Mobile and Camera Phones

Mobile phones and their cameras must not be used inside the Castle.

Health and Safety

We endeavour to provide a safe and healthy environment for visitors within the constraints of an historic property and as far as is reasonable and practicable. Please observe all notices during your visit, and follow any instructions given by staff. Occasionally, parts of the Castle, Gardens and Grounds require to be closed for essential maintenance; please do not enter cordoned off areas and observe any directions and signs accordingly.

Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times whilst in the Castle, Gardens or Grounds.

The Gardens have a well maintained collection of trees, however, visitors are advised not to shelter under trees during an electrical storm (due to the danger of lightning) and to exercise caution when walking under trees in high winds. The estate will close the Gardens if adverse conditions threaten visitors safety; please leave promptly if requested to do so.

Hazards Warning

Please be aware that there are staircases, steps and slopes to negotiate where care should be taken by all visitors. There is a large lake within the grounds, in which paddling or swimming is forbidden; children should be supervised at all times. Under no circumstances should anything be picked or eaten from the gardens. Some plants have sharp thorns and/or are poisonous. Visitors with back packs are asked to carry these by hand whilst in the Castle, or leave them at the Castle Reception.


For viewing inside the Castle we regret that sharp-heeled shoes are not permitted due to the damage that they cause. We would also like to remind visitors that ridged soles trap grit and gravel, which scratch fine floors. Please wipe your feet thoroughly on the entrance mats.

Warning: Whilst in the Gardens and Grounds, some surfaces may become slippery and/or soft during inclement weather. The courtyard by the Shop and Tearoom has an uneven cobbled surface; please take extra care when walking across any uneven surface.

No Smoking

Smoking is not permitted inside any building within the Castle grounds.

No Smoking

Smoking is not permitted inside any building within the Castle grounds.


Visitors are not permitted to fish in the lake. For details on Angling Rights, please click here.