Disabled Access to the Castle and Grounds

The Castle

Castle viewing takes place over three floors, with four sets of stairs to encounter between the floors. Only the ground floor is accessible to wheelchair/scooter users, however this floor does include some of our most notable rooms. There are resting chairs for visitors in most rooms.

A photo slide show is running constantly on the ground floor to show portraits, furniture and porcelain on display in the inaccessible rooms.

Gardens and Grounds

The gardens cover a large area of some 30-acres round the lake, and whilst wheelchair/scooter users have full access to them, the individual physical circumstances of wheelchair/scooter users and their ‘helpers’ will determine the amount and areas of the Gardens they will actually be able to reach; wheelchair/scooter users or those who have difficulty walking can still enjoy the gardens together with the lake and parkland views from the more accessible areas closer to the Castle. Our garden paths all have a smooth gravel surface which has wheelchair/scooter users in mind; benches are located throughout the garden areas.

Tearoom, Gift Shop and WCs

The Tearoom, Gift Shop and WCs are all accessible in the Castle Yard and we have cubicles in the garden WCs with wheelchair access. The Castle Yard does have some difficult historic cobblestones to contend with, however we have re-laid the cobblestones around the edge of the Yard to provide a smooth route for wheelchairs and walking frames to access the facilities located within the Yard.


A Gardens only ticket is available, or we have a combined ticket for both Castle and Gardens. Wheelchair ‘helpers’ are admitted free of charge when assisting the user; i.e., a 2 for 1 admission.

Please contact us for any further advice or if special arrangements are required and we will be glad to see what we can do for you.